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5 Benefits Of Developing Your Core Muscles

Whenever people hear the phrase “core muscles”, the first word that comes to mind is “abs.” In reality, though it is more than that. The core muscles are a group of muscles in the body responsible for functional movements. Aside from the abs, the major core muscles include the mid and lower back, the hips, shoulders and the neck.

So when you are developing your core muscles through your boxing classes in Dubai, you are also developing not just your ab muscles but also your body’s midsection. Aside from better body movements and functionality, there are other benefits of developing your core muscles such as:

  • Helps prevent injuries

This goes for both sports and real-life situations. A strong and stabilized core can immensely help in decreasing the chances of injuries. Exercises and strengthening programs can teach the body to quickly react to certain movements and move intelligently in order to avoid physical harm.


  • Lessen the effects of back pain

Patients who are suffering from back pain are encouraged to strengthen their core muscles to decrease the symptoms of back pain. Back pain is basically a sign of a weak core. This would mean that your back muscles are stronger than your abdominal muscles. By improving the body’s mobility and strengthening the glutes, back and thighs, you are balancing the front and back part of your body, making your abdominal muscles as strong as your back. This is why training experts recommend Crossfit to those who are experiencing severe back pains. People who inquire about Crossfit Dubai price and rates are often looking for ways to alleviate their back pains.



  • Protect your internal organs

A lot of people may not know this, but the body’s largest and most important veins and arteries reside in the body’s core. It is also part of your central nervous system. When you are keeping your core strong, you are also protecting the organs inside as you move and do your daily routines.


  • Promotes good posture

Confidence starts with the right posture. To achieve this, it is a must that you develop your core muscles. There are certain core strengthening routines that can help individuals develop a tall and upright pose.


  • Breathe easily

Breathing exercises are part of core training and are often practiced in all core strengthening routines. In the course of training, individuals develop their diaphragm and intercostals which account for easier and stronger breathing.