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5 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Last Will & Testament

For some people, talking about writing a will is a morbid conversation. The mere fact that you are distributing your properties may mean that you are in bad shape. But the truth is, having a will is important, even if you are healthy and well, and there are a number of reasons why you need to have one.

If you are having second thoughts about having a will at a young age, these reasons might change your mind:

  • Appoint a guardian to your loved ones


Life is unpredictable. You cannot predict what will happen to you tomorrow or the next day. In case something unfortunate happens, you need to ensure the future and welfare of your loved ones, including your kids. Having a last will and testament would give you an opportunity to select a person that will take good care of your kids should something unfortunate happens.


  • Evenly distributing your assets and properties


If you have a couple of properties in your possession, you need to ensure that they will be disposed properly to your beneficiaries and recipients. Without a will, there is a chance that your relatives and other people close to you might get into an argument who’s getting what. Wills in Dubai allow individuals to evenly distribute their assets and give their apparent heirs the right inheritance that they deserve.


  • Prevent unauthorized person from claiming your property


Not having a last will and testament will also put your property at risk, especially if something unfortunate happens to you. Unauthorized person or organizations will have a chance to claim your property. This would leave your heirs and beneficiaries with nothing. They can dispute this by filing a case, but it might take them years and it would also cause them money, paying for legal fees and other case-related payments.


  • Give instructions after your death


If you have wishes that you want to be executed after your death, drafting a will is one way to do it. You can give specific instructions on what to do with your body, who will take care of your dog and what to do with your china. Basically, you can give any instructions, as long as it does not violate any laws.


  • Look after your loved one


The reason why you need to have a last will and testament is to ensure the future of your loved ones. Drafting a will give you the chance to financially secure your family and loved ones.

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