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5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss On Your Dubai Vacation

Dubai is known for its outrageous outdoor activities and stunning landscapes. A lot of tourists and travelers are always looking forward to experiencing the things that this wonderful city can offer. But with a lot of things to do in Dubai, travelers are getting a little confuse on what activities to include on their checklist.

But do not fret. Whether you booked a city tour in Dubai or a desert safari adventure, read on and be sure to include these must-dos on your Dubai vacation checklist:

  • Visit the heritage sites


The purpose of travelling is to get to know and experience the culture of a particular country or location. You can get started by knowing their history and you can learn that by visiting heritage landmarks and sites. There are a lot of heritage sites in and near Dubai that you can visit. One of the famous sites is the Dubai Museum, located at the Al Faheidi Fort. The museum houses ancient military and cultural artifacts dated as far as the 19th century. You can definitely learn something about Dubai history and how it came about.


  • Shopping on the premier malls and stalls


Dubai is a shopping haven on the Middle East. With lots of top brands setting up stores and outlet, a lot of tourist are looking up to spend some of their hard earned money. The Dubai Mall houses some of the top brands and names in the fashion industry. There are also individual brick and mortar store for brands who are trying to make it in the industry. If you want something local, it would be best to visit the souks. The Gold Souk and Spice Souk are two of the most popular shopping districts in Dubai.


  • Spend time in the desert


The Dubai desert is probably one of the most popular tourist attraction and destination in this city. A lot of tourists who were able to visit this place are amazed of its beauty. And it is no surprise. The Dubai desert has a lot of offer in terms of sightseeing and adventure. You can do some dune bashing and experience the authentic Arabic culture first-hand. So be sure to book your Dubai evening desert safari adventure.


  • Taste the local cuisine


Travelling without getting a taste of the local dishes is not a worthwhile trip. So before you leave, be sure to dine on some of the finest restaurants for an authentic Arabic dish. You can also visit some food stalls for the local dishes and fruits like dates.