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Bad Habits That Can Lead To Serious Hair loss

Our hair is our crowning glory. Every day, we wear it like royalty. But there are things that we usually do that ruin our beautiful mane and make our strands become thin and weak. Over time, you might experience severe hair loss. People who have undergone hair transplant in Turkey with before and after photos show how mishandling your locks can be fatal for its health.

Protect your hair from extreme hair loss by avoiding these bad habits:

  • Hot showers


Hot showers can do wonders to your body and in calming your nerves. But this doesn’t do anything for your hair, except damage it. The hot temperature of the water will cause your strands to dehydrate and lose its natural oil and moisture, leaving it dry and brittle. If you noticed, your hair felt like a broom after a hot shower and snaps easily. Constantly doing this will increase chances of more hair shedding than it should be.


  • Too much hair styling


Hair styling tools and chemicals are two of the most obvious suspects for hair loss and damage. For one, the scorching temperature of hair styling tools damages the protein and protective cuticle of your mane, causing it to break. Hair styling gels and sprays contain high amounts of alcohol that can lead to dryness. In the long run, the hair would start to snap due to loss of oil and moisture. Keep the hair styling to a minimum and use less hair invasive products to prevent hair damage when styling.


  • Crash Dieting


A healthy and well-balanced meal is one of the keys on maintaining the beauty of your locks. So, if your body is not receiving the needed nutrients, it is likely that your hair would be affected. Hair loss is one of the symptoms or side effects of crash dieting. Since your body is not getting enough nutrients and supplements, the body will distribute the nutrients left in the body to help the heart and brain function. If that happens, there is little left for hair growth and maintenance.


  • Mishandling your locks


Your hair is very fragile when it is wet, since the oil has been stripped on the strands. And because it is wet, we don’t notice it. But every time we got out of the shower, we always aggressively dry our locks causing it to break. Hair experts advise their patients to gently dry their hair using a soft cloth or towel.

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