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Car Rentals vs. Taxis in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one f the best destinations to head to with your family. There are hundreds of things that you can do in the city. You can enjoy the great outdoors, you can relax in the sun, you can travel around the city and visit the various theme parks, or you can just relax at the nearest marina. However, in order to get from A to B in Abu Dhabi, you will require the services of either a taxi driver or a car rental. A car rental company is a company that will rent our luxury cars and their drivers will drive you around, on the other hand, solo taxi drivers will be a part of a taxi service company and you can just hire one by calling the front desk of your hotel and asking them to get you a taxi to a certain destination. But which one should you choose? Here are the pros of choosing a car rental over the services of the solo taxi driver.

Rentals are mostly reputable

The first thing to keep in mind is the every car rental in Abu Dhabi will be run by a reputable company and they will be able to give you the best car that you can order. However, the solo taxi driver owns only one car and he will drive you around in that car. You cannot ask for anything extra from the solo taxi driver, nor can you tell him to provide you with any luxury item. His car is all you are going to get.

Rentals have better service

The second thing where taxi drivers are beaten by the rental companies is the luxury service. When you order the car rental you are getting the luxury service, this means that you will be getting a number of premium and complimentary items with your ride. For example, if you are traveling by a car rental in a limousine you will find that the mini bar has cool water to refresh you after a long day traveling or after having attended a stressful meeting throughout the day. However, this may not be included in the solo taxi.

Rentals have websites

Another thing is that car rental companies will operate websites, so you can easily decide on a pre-planned journey. They even advertise on the prominent websites so just need to click the “Check this link right here now” button to be taken to their website. However, if you ask your hotel to just call the taxi, they will just order you a solo taxi and you will not be able to decide on the maker of the car you are going to travel, neither will you know what kind of upholstery the car has. All of this can only be done through the online services of the car rental company.