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Fujairah, the perfect holiday destination

Fujairah has become a much-admired destination for many people in the world as it is the best place to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Natural beauty and comfort that is very relaxing and make you excited towards life and fill your soul with a renewed energy to appreciate nature and life. Water sports, flying lessons, shopping, and spas, Fujairah gives you every flavor of excitement, and this is guaranteed. There are numerous resorts and hotels that provide best hotel deals in Fujairah to make your tour very affordable and delightful.

Fujairah is considered one of the business and commercial center places in the United Arab Emirates. Hamad bin Abdullah Road is house to all the office buildings line while its northern waterfront is covered by oil-storage containers. Fujairah has the massive, gleaming white Sheikh Zayed Mosque, many shopping malls like Fujairah City Centre Mall and many beautiful hotels and resorts waiting for the visitors.

Fujairah has become a globalized city as it boasts amazing tourism locations as well as a combination of top-notch business destinations which are well-supported by infrastructure. The rulers have transformed this metropolis into a city of 21st century by maintaining the best development and business strategies. The most prominent cities and villages located in the state of Fujairah are Qidfa, Masafi, Dibba, Al Bidiya, Al Siji, Murbeh, and Al Bithna.

Nearby all villages and small cities, you can find beautiful restaurants, hotels, resorts, and valleys. But if you are fan of shopping and trying new food, Fujairah is the best place for traditional and unique things and mouth-watering cuisines.

City Centre:

It is a very modern center in the Emirates and very famous due to massive sales and commercial activities. Huge number of visitors and tourists visit this place for shopping and entertainment purposes. It is well-equipped with shops of international brands, modernized gym and VOX cinema for the delightful weekends.


Century Mall:

Century mall is a versatile shopping space in its own right as it offers a massive collection of furniture and different other shops and amusement area, a cinema and a game zone.


Lulu Mall:

Lulu mall is a super modern shopping plaza for the shopaholics who want every life organizing thing under one roof. It encloses a range of stores, large game zone and beautiful restaurants.


Home Centre:

Home store is another shopping center for versatile range of furniture and unique accessories.


Safeer Centre:

Safeer center is a huge supermarket with luxurious living accessories.


Gold Market:

And of course one of the best reasons to visit a market is purchasing gold accessories. This market is particular for buying and selling of gold. Suitable prices and purity is the main attraction for the gold diggers to visit this place.

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