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Delivery boys reap the rewards of booming businesses in Dubai

When a city grows and prospers, each and every person who exists therein gets to take home the rewards. So as Dubai grows, flourishes and becomes one of the greatest cities on the planet, as more and more people become millionaires in the city and as more and more multinational offices are built in the city, all of the people who are connected with the city are reaping the benefits of the growth of the city. One of these is the hidden and secluded group of workers without whose contributions the city will be swallowed by chaos within a single day. These are the delivery boys, who make sure that the thousands of packages that are dispatched each day through the city are delivered to their correct destination. These packages may include anything from a priceless diamond to a simple extra cheese pizza, but the delivery is always on time and great care is taken to make sure that the client is never kept waiting.

More business equals more work

The delivery business is booming, but this does not mean that the people who are involved in the business are slacking, rather they are working overtime. So be it flower delivery in Dubai or simple bakery deliveries, these are the hardworking people who make it happen. However they are reaping the benefits as well, it has been estimated that the payment of the simple delivery boy has increased more than 100% in the recent decade, and as more and more people have started to reside in the city-state, they have started to order things online and these are delivered to them to their doorstep. This has increased the demand for delivery boys.

Different kinds of orders

Even multinational corporations that have opened their offices in the cities have started to order things delivered to their offices, so from corporate gifts in Dubai to documents and other items for the office like stationary, there has been a great increase in the quantity of the items that have been delivered to corporate offices in the recent years.

Increasing demand

This increasing demand for hardworking people who can work as delivery boys has attracted foreign nationals as well; so many people from South Asia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand have arrived in the country on work permits to work as delivery boys. It makes for a very lucrative second job and many people are doing it as well as another full-time job. All in all the business of delivering goods to customers is increasing and it shows no signs of stopping or slowing down anytime soon.