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IVF awareness and Genetic Testing

Completing genetic testing in Dubai through IVF-ICSI gives out precious piece of knowledge concerning every embryo that gets transferred to the womb. The Embryo Transfer takes place once the results of the genetic check are discharged. Completing Genetic Testing doesn’t alter the period of treatment.


Selecting Gender: The efficient staff keeps a close look at your embryos to get information about the gender and identify any body abnormalities like sub-normality.


Comprehensive Chromosol Screening (CCS): Screen all twenty-four chromosomes for sex still as anybody abnormalities caused by missing or further chromosomes. Body abnormalities embody chromosomal aberration thirteen (Patau’s syndrome), chromosomal aberration eighteen (Edward’s syndrome) and sub normality (Down syndrome). Body abnormalities are the leading reason for miscarriage.


HLA Matching – solidifying a Family Member: Cure a loved one affected by a genetic disease curable by bone marrow transplant by characteristic Associate in Nursing HLA Match throughout IVF.


Genetic Testing throughout pregnancy

Beyond nutrition center offers 2 genetic testing services for pregnant girls. The first, Non-Invasive diagnostic procedure, is a further screening tool for pregnant girls to make sure the health of their baby through a non-invasive technique associate in nursing earlier stage than was attainable with typical screening tools. The gender of the fetus may additionally be known. The second check could be a tool for girls who are experiencing miscarriages and have an interest in distinguishing the reason for the aborted gestation by finishing a body analysis of their merchandise of Conception.

Non-Invasive diagnostic procedure (NIPD): Screen for chromosomal aberration thirteen, eighteen or twenty one (Down Syndrome) and determine the gender of your craniate through a non-invasive biopsy at ten weeks.

Products of Conception (POC): craniate loss is that the commonest gestation complication, occurring in 25-30% of recognized pregnancies. Body analysis on merchandise of Conception might facilitate determine the reason for gestation loss and improve management of future pregnancies by considering motor-assisted fruitful Techniques and Comprehensive Body Screening to avoid the repeat of miscarriages.


Food Intolerance Test in Dubai

Food intolerance associated in nursingis an opposing reaction to a selected food. It involves the system and could be a less intense reaction than allergy. The symptoms are often unpleasant and in some cases severe however are usually not severe. We provide comprehensive panel for food intolerance (200 and parameters) that are a mix of varied teams of foods that facilitate to slim the particular intolerance to a selected cluster of foods. You may follow the link to know more about the food intolerance test in Dubai.