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Precaution Pointers on Administering Injectable Medicines

One of the advantages of injectable medicines and supplements is the rapid effect since it is administered directly into the blood stream. It will save the patient’s time and lessen the absorption duration. This method is ideal, especially if the patient is in need of speedy effect of the drug.

However, extreme caution should be taken when administering this type of medication. Not doing so might put the patient at risk. Whether you are administering a Vitamin C injection or other injectable medicines, it would be best to follow this list of precautions:

  • Purchase your medicines on legit sellers and pharmacies

In today’s society, there are a lot of things that can be counterfeited, including medicines. There are a lot of shady pharmaceutical companies that are manufacturing medicines and offering it to patients at a very low price. These prescriptions have not been tested or went into clinical trials. Do not go for cheap medicines to cure your illness. It would be best to purchase a branded prescription from a trusted facility. This is to ensure that the item came from reputable pharmaceutical companies and the prescriptions are not yet past their expiration dates.


  • Have a medical professional administer the meds

Injectables can be hard to administer, especially for first timers. It would be best if a medical professional would be the one to administer the medication. You can ask for instructions on how to do it later on. Be sure to take note of the techniques and how it will be administered properly. Bring a friend or a relative with you, so they can take down the instructions as well. So, if you are having a hard time doing it yourself, you have someone who can administer it for you.


  • Follow your doctor’s instructions

This is important, especially if you are the ones who are the ones who will be one of dispense the injectable medicine to yourself or to someone else. Read the doctor’s instruction before you proceed and check the label and instruction guide of the medicine package as well. Administer the right dosage and do it at the time instructed.


  • Monitor your body’s reaction

Since injectables can take effect on the body in less than an hour, it would be best to check for adverse reaction, from the time you administer the medicine until the effect sets in. For instance, you were given lipotropic injections for weight loss, write the immediate and latter effects and if the medicine were able to give you the desired results. This can help monitor your progress and also serve as a reference on your next doctor’s visit.