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Things moving companies won’t move

Even though movers and packers in Business Bay are extremely helpful with what they do there are still some things which you must know that a normal moving company won’t move for you. When you are aware of what they won’t help you with, you can very easily adjust something else for it. Although they offer assistance with furniture storage in Dubai, these following things are something we are sure even you wouldn’t want them to move:

  • Plants and pets

This is one of the first and most basic things which no moving company would agree to move because plants are a sensitive case as they have to be approved with a special permit for the mover to move. Whereas the pets are always at a risk of getting hitchhike which makes them a sensitive matter to travel with.

  • Valued items

Anything which you believe is high valued, you shouldn’t be putting in the moving truck. This could be anything ranging from jewellery to cash and even heirlooms which are antiques and can cost a lot. Even if they are not valued enough in cash they still hold a sentimental value which we are sure can’t be replaced.

  • Flammable material

There could be a long list of things which can be categorized as flammable ranging from batteries to fuel or lighter etc. Not only flammable, but even hazardous material can be considered not the best one to be carried around in the moving truck. Some chemicals won’t even be allowed so make sure to get in touch with your movers before you decide on anything.

  • Perishable food

This is one of those things which we are sure even you wouldn’t want to pack in a moving truck and be greeted with a smelly sandwich when you unpack things. Perishable food should always be finished or used as snacks to keep everyone energized during the process.

  • Piano

It is always a good idea to hire a professional piano mover because even if the regular mover agrees to move it, you still can’t be sure if they have the right knowledge of moving piano. Work with a professional as they will walk you through the process without making it difficult and complicated consider the process of moving is already a difficult one for everyone.

Always know things beforehand and then make a decision.