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Money-Saving Hacks On Creating A Low Maintenance Lawn

For some homeowners, landscaping is just unnecessary detail that adds up to one’s home utilities and costing, which is why other prefer not to go for it. But having a lawn or a landscape doesn’t have to be expensive or costly.

If you are on the process of having your lawn revamp and reorganized, these tips from trusted landscaping contractors in Dubai can help you create a low maintenance landscape:

  • Plan your lawn


The first order of business is to plan your lawn design. Some homeowner go through this process without a solid plan will make it more costly and ineffective. For one, you need to know the condition of the location and your area to be able to design a landscape the will thrive on such environment. If you would just install a grass and put some plans without proper knowledge, there is a chance that it will just last for a month. Your landscape design should be aligned with the existing condition for it to last long.


Planning can help determine which components would best suit your area’s condition and what would fit your requirements as well. You might need the help of the experts to help you plan this one.


  • Implement landscaping best practices


Doing the right thing will go a long way, even in landscaping. And sometimes, there are no shortcuts to things like this. Implementing best practices in landscaping would mean using the right soil, type of fertilizer and method to ensure that each component is aligned with the landscaping design. Do not go for cheap and low-class components. Landscaping requirements might sound a little bit pricey for your taste, especially during the reno stage. But if you think about it in a long-term perspective, you will realize that you will be saving some bucks and effort in terms of maintenance.


  • Put plants that are low maintenance


If you are a busy individual with not much time to tend your lawn, you may need to include low maintenance plants in your lawn and landscape planning. There are certain plants that can thrive in extreme environment with less maintenance from the owner. It would be best to get more details from an expert to know which plants, flowers and shrubberies would be suitable for this type of requirement.


  • Think long term


Your lawn and landscape should be updated once in a while and this should be part of your landscape design. Be sure that the design would allow minimal changes and not too drastic, especially if you are not that knowledgeable in landscaping.