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Questions You Need To Ask Your Car Rental Company

Renting a car is a convenient way for you to have a vehicle without the burden of maintaining one. By renting, you can save on maintenance and choose from a variety of vehicles in the rental store. But as smart consumer, you still need to vigilant on asking the right questions when going for a luxury rent a car in Dubai. These questions would help you choose the best car to rent and save you from shady car rental companies that might scam you of your money.


Here are some important questions that you need to ask your prospective car rental company:


  • What are the car models available?


Car rentals usually categorize their cars from economy, luxury to exotic. Each category has a corresponding set of vehicles that you can choose from. It would be best if the car rental company that you will choose offers a wide variety of vehicle for each category. You would never know when you will be needing a luxury car or when you are going for an exotic rent a car in Dubai. That would depend on the use and the occasion. Still, having options would give you the liberty to choose


  • What are the rates?


This is probably the most important question that you need to ask your prospective car rental company. The rate of a car rental vehicle would depend on different factors, like the car model, the features, the duration of the rental, and other add ons. You need to determine this first before signing any lease agreement or booking a car. It would be best to know the breakdown of the rates so you will know if there are hidden charges being charge to you during the rental. When booking a rental vehicle, ask for the overall costs and a list of expenses that comes along with it. This would allow you to allot specific budget and not go overboard on your car rental budget.


  • What are the add-ons?


The add-ons is some features added on the vehicle like navigation, GPS, car seats, etc. These additional features may also affect the rate of the car you are renting. Assess which of these add-ons are a necessity and which are the ones you can forego. This would save you some car rent budget and you can get rid on the unnecessary gadgets and gears that are not that important on your trip.