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Simple Maintenance Tips For Your Scaffolding Upkeep

Scaffolding is a crucial equipment used in lots of industries. With scaffolding, workers will be able to work above the ground without the help of ladders and other complicated equipment. It can help a a number of people four times its weight. Due to its importance, it is a must that that it should be taken properly at all times.

If you are a contractor using scaffolding for your trade, read more about the proper maintenance tips you can implement to prolong the lifespan of this essential equipment:

  • Install accordingly according to instructions


One of the most common mistakes that contractors make is not taking the installation properly. The basic installation principle of erecting a scaffolding is installing it on a solid ground that can provide full support for the equipment, the structure it’s supporting, and the people who will be using it.


It would be best to get proper briefing from your suppliers and let you know the proper why to erect and dismantle this equipment. Much better if they can provide you other information like the technical specs.


  • Provide proper training on scaffolding use


Apart from knowing the specs, you should also have a manual that provides instructions on how to properly use it. One of the main reasons why scaffoldings do not last long is due to improper use of contractors and workers. This could lead to early deterioration of the equipment and might also compromise the safety of the workers.

Undergoing a scaffold user training can help brief workers on how to properly use the scaffolding. This would include working safely with the equipment, the dos and don’ts while working above the scaffolding and precautions that should be implemented when using a scaffolding. Proper use can help extend the life of the equipment but also save lives.

  • Inspect regularly for damage


Scaffolding might be the least of the equipment that contractors are going to inspect since they are not like other equipment used in the trade. But it is a must that contractors pay attention to this tools at it can be susceptible to damage due to usual and continuous use. Be sure to inspect the equipment regularly and maintain a record of damage so you can have a solid reference when you want it to be repaired or replaced by your supplier. Assigned someone to do the inspection and inform you or their immediate superior for any serious damage.