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Business Tourism in Dubai

Many people travel each year to Dubai, UAE’s biggest business center and one of the great financial and business centers of the world. Of all the tourists more and more come each year for business tourism. Dubai offers incredible possibilities for all kinds of business as well as being one of the most visited places on earth so it is easy to see why it would be a perfect destination for your next seminar, lecture or business conference.

Despite being a relatively young destination, Dubai has great potential in developing its business tourism industry with the percent of business tourists already taking up about 20 percent of all tourist activities. There is a great number of business conferences, expos and seminars taking place every year and that number is steadily rising. From all over the world businessmen have discovered that Dubai has everything you can possibly need to organize a business event while expanding your business know-how and having a pleasurable time in one of the world’s most renowned tourist destinations.

Dubai won the right to host World Expo 2020, the world’s largest and most prestigious business exhibition. It is to be held primarily in the Dubai World Trade Central area near Jebel Ali which is the focal point of ongoing development in the area. Dubai expects around 25 million visitors over the six months during which the expo will be held and it has been preparing vigorously for it ever since their bid was announced back in 2013. An event of this magnitude is not possible without the right tourism infrastructure which includes accommodation, transportation and a plethora of different hospitality services and Dubai is keen to deliver on this promise and much more.

Dubai offers more than 700 hotels with over 100,000 rooms and in the years leading to the World Expo 2020 that number is always on the rise. Another focus of attention is the enhancement of Dubai’s mid-market appeal to which end there is an increase in the number four-star and three-star properties. Whatever kind of accommodation your event requires will be readily available in Dubai.

For those who travel to Dubai for business there is a very wide range of flexible business facilities whiter you require a meeting room for a small number of close associates or a large conference hall capable of hosting thousands or even tens of thousands of people. All this is supported by an expansive array of facilities and a very well managed travel and transportation infrastructure.

Professional service and a positive business attitude is what you will find in Dubai, which gives it a special edge in conducting all sorts of business activities. It is not only the facilities and opportunities that make Dubai a perfect destination but also a spirit of doing good business that is present everywhere from the doorman to the very top of the chain of business. Everywhere you go you will be greeted with a can-do attitude which is one of the thing that made the rapid expansion and progress of Dubai even possible in the first place.