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Possibilities to wear braces with dental implant

Braces and dental implants are two different dental procedures. Braces are commonly popular in youngsters who have defective smiles issues and want to straighten and align their teeth. Braces can transform your teeth from mild to major crooking defects. As dental industry is very advanced in the United Arab Emirates, many parents prefer braces in Dubai for their kids to give them appropriate looks and smiles without major surgeries or painful procedures like dental implants.

Dental implants are common in people of all age groups who lost their tooth or teeth due to some accident or injury or want to fill up the large gap between the teeth. It is a great alternative for tooth bridging which is another way to replace the gaps or broken tooth.

A question comes in the mind at the time of braces or implant wearing that are they both complement and compatible to each other if the teeth have major and multiple problems.

Before moving forward, it is important to understand both the procedures. Braces are wires-based structure that is emplace on teeth to give them appropriate pressure which gradually aligns and straightens the teeth. On the other hand, dental implants are titanium-based structure, which are inserted into the jaw bone. It is useful in replacement of roots of missing teeth which are further attached with the crowned teeth to function like proper tooth or teeth can do. They look like natural teeth and similar in natural colour to be unnoticeable, but some people deliberately use metallic like gold or platinum teeth to make themselves prominent while talking and smiling.

Can we wear braces before dental implants?

In some cases, teeth structure is not supportive for new dental implant or there is not enough space available to create an implantation surgery, therefore orthodontic treatment is undertaken in which the dentist aligns the teeth first with the help of braces and creates appropriate gap in between teeth to further implant an artificial natural looking tooth or teeth. This procedure is a bit longer in duration because braces need nearly a year or so to effectively create a gap or straighten the teeth for further implantation surgery. Implantation surgery also takes nearly six weeks to heal the jaw line for crowning a natural looking teeth.

Can we wear braces after dental implants?

Dental implants are removable in case of accidental defects in teeth alignment. But without removing a dental implant, braces and Invisalign can still be worn. Both procedures easily move surrounding teeth of implant to give them proper shape and alignment. In children, it is better to use braces than Invisalign because of better careless environment and need of timely results.

You can opt both situations according to your requirements or as per the doctor’s suggestion. Dental implants in Dubai are very common because with the help of braces the crowed teeth get re-fixed to their natural positions.